Azure Group China has a unique proposition to offer global enterprise.

We have adopted sophisticated IP and technology that allows us to streamline the way we work with international clients. Our bilingual and internationally skilled team understand the demanding needs of global business.

Relationships take years to develop in China, where trust and history go a long way to being successful. Azure Group China has been practicing in China for close to ten years and, in that time, we have established many trusted relationships that enable us to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

Azure Group China provide a unique, one-stop solution for foreign businesses who want to enter the China shores. We understand every client is unique and can help examine the China entry plans from different perspectives. We work closely with many trusted lawyers, government bodies, banks, visa agents, and landlords to ensure a timely and smooth China setup for our clients.

We offer an ongoing solution for our clients in managing their day-to-day accounting, compliance and tax advisory needs, helping them navigate their way through doing business in China.

Our unique range of solutions are unmatched by other accounting firms. Couple this with our senior leadership team who have worked with Azure Group China since inception and have exceptional technical and communication skills in dealing with international businesses.

Our significant international technical expertise and presence in both Asia and Australia allows us to add value to the growing demands of international clients. Being a founding member of International Alliance XLNC has allowed us to offer our clients reliable and convenient access to quality services through 82 member firms located in 41 countries around the globe.
Our expert team in China has extensive hands-on experience in assisting businesses set up and maintain their operations locally. We provide reliable, effective, and professional services that facilitate business operations and adhere to local compliance and reporting requirements.
For Azure Group to remain competitive we work with a set of core values, and these serve as a constant reminder to encourage us to deliver superior service to our clients.

If you would like the opportunity to work with an international accounting firm offering a unique service to their clients and a unique opportunity for yourself, feel free to apply.

“Being born in Shanghai and educated in Australia, it’s exciting to be able to support international business. I deliver smart and well thought through advice to help navigate the complexities of doing business in China. ” – Stephanie Liu, China Managing Partner

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China setup: 8 Tips to help you easily generate your business names in Chinese
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Registering a company in China: Do I need to make Company Chops?
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Social Insurance Exemptions for Foreigners working in China
Social Insurance Exemptions for Foreigners working in China
In China, social insurance includes five different types of insurance, including pension, medical, unemployment, work-related injury, and maternity insurances. If you are from one of the following countries that have signed a social insurance agreement with China, you are entitled to a social insurance exemption, once approved, you and your employer may save unnecessary insurance costs from this benefit.
August 12, 2021
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