Whether you want to find suppliers in China in the early stages, want to co-produce or assemble your company’s products with Chinese manufacturers in the medium term, or want to have your own production line in China in the latter stages, our multi-faceted services can help you achieve your goals at different times.

How can Azure Group China help clients in the Manufacturing Industry

Azure Group China provides comprehensive services to ensure your financial security and helping you solve the supply chain issues that may encounter in your business operation in China.

We can offer these services, including but not limited to:

Manufacturing Industry Overview

China is the world’s largest manufacturer, often referred to as ‘the world’s factory’. It is currently the only country in the world with a full industrial chain according to the latest United Nations Industrial Classification categories. 

China has become a preferred destination for the relocation of many global manufacturing facilities.  Reducing restrictions on foreign investment in manufacturing, low labour cost, technically skilled workforce, good infrastructure has contributed to this preference.

In recent years, businesses are increasingly choosing to manufacture in China to service the growing Chinese market, rather than use it as a low-cost option to manufacture export items.

There are several ways for foreign businesses to go about manufacturing in China. Contract manufacturing is a popular option for both large and small businesses across various industries.

Location is another key consideration for manufacturing in China, with the Chinese Government encouraging investment in different types of manufacturing in different regions.

Some cities and provinces specialize in certain industries and producing specific goods.  Many industries in China have formed industrial chain clusters in various regions. These clusters are formed under the huge demand from the Chinese domestic market. Mature industrial chain clusters can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce procurement costs.

Quality control is an important consideration when choosing to manufacture in China. To avoid problems, introduce robust quality control mechanisms regularly and perform due diligence.

Advantages of manufacturing in China

Advantages of manufacturing in China

  • Access to sophisticated full industrial supply chain
  • Access to Chinese research and development (R&D) and science and technology support
  • Access to incentives offered by local government agencies.
  • The efficiency gains thanks to larger economies of scale in China.

You should always be mindful of:

  • Rising labour costs, skills shortages, and intellectual property protection.
  • The current development stage and inconsistency with the application of commercial law in China and variable quality of logistics and infrastructure systems.
  • Using contracted manufactures or subcontractors may also cause issues if you do not have rigorous quality control practices in place.
Special administrative permission requirements

Special administrativepermission requirements in the Manufacturing Industry include:

  • 营业执照 Business License
  • ISO体系认证 ISO Certificate
  • 安全生产许可证 Work Safety Permit
  • 全国工业产品生产许可证 National Industrial Production Permit
  • 消防许可证 Fire Permit
  • 环境影响评价证书 Environmental Impact Assessment License
  • Other licenses
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