Companies in the healthcare industry should be aware of regulatory issues and investment constraints to ensure a successful entry.

How can Azure Group China help clients in the Healthcare Industry

Azure Group China provide services to help you overcome these obstacles and to help you develop more accurate and sustainable operation strategies.

We can offer these services, including but not limited to:

  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Group restructure OR Pre-fund raising/IPO restructure services
  • Capital Raising Support
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Valuation assistance
  • Industry Market Research
  • Internal control system set up and improvements
  • Capital Increase and Decrease
  • Business Scope Expansion
  • Change of Directors/Legal Reps/Supervisor/other officers
  • Other Advisory Services
  • Other business services
Healthcare Industry Overview

Within the last two decades, China has benefited from large-scale reforms in the fields of medical infrastructure and insurance as well as the opening-up of its healthcare market.

The focus has been not only on developing urban areas but also continuously making healthcare more accessible in rural China, boosting development and the number of hospitals, doctors, and medical equipment.

These factors create an interesting market for foreign investors in the healthcare field.

Whilst high-quality educated personnel and innovation give the Chinese healthcare industry ideal opportunities for growth, there are still various challenges including changing Chinese investment policy and tightened government regulations.

Special administrative permission requirements

In the healthcare and medical device industry:

  • 营业执照 Business License
  • ICP许可证 ICP License
  • 医疗器械经营许可证 Medical Device Trading Permit
  • 医疗器械生产许可证 Medical Device Production License
  • 药品经营许可证 Pharmaceutical Trade License

For Health Food:

  • 食品流通经营许可证 Food Distribution License
  • 食品卫生许可证 Health and Food Hygiene License
  • 食品生产许可证 Food Production License
  • 保健食品批准证书 Health Food Certificate
  • Other licenses
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