China setup: 8 Tips to help you easily generate your business names in Chinese

September 10, 2021by Azure Group China0
Register a WFOE in China

In China, only a company’s registered name in Chinese is legally binding. When applying for registration, the brand name, industrial selection, and registration area should be listed.

The typical format for a company name is Registered Area Name + Brand Name + Industry Type + Co., Ltd. Or Brand Name + (Registered Area Name) + Industry Type + Co., Ltd. It is important to note that in most cases, if any proposed name is similar to any existing company name, name pre-approval is likely to fail.

Therefore, investors are required to prepare 5-10 Chinese names. Names in English or other languages may be used for marketing and production of company seals but are not legally binding and not relevant for registration.

A good company name will make things much easier for your company to find potential cooperators or customers, and expand your brand awareness. Here are some tips to help you easily create your business name in China:

1. Name your company in Chinese according to the pronunciation.

This method can make your company’s name more memorable, and a translated name will show the international nature of your business. This is the way how the most of existing foreign companies did, for example, McDonald’s, Disney, Estee Lauder, Wal-Mart and Nike.

2. Name the product according to the characteristics of your enterprise.

Typically, this technique is based on Tip 1. For example, a cosmetics company named CHARM could be called qia’mei in Chinese, this Chinese name does not only sound like the original one but also means harmony(qia) and beautiful (mei) in Chinese. Other companies using this method include Coca Cola (可口可乐), PepsiCo, Lay’s (乐事) and Mercedes-Benz (奔驰).

3. Make your Business name in Chinese easy to remember, read and say aloud.

By using this method, you can create a company name that will impress others, which may bring a positive effect on expanding the name recognition of your company. E.g.: Amazon(亚马逊) and Lexus(雷克萨斯).

4. Make your Chinese business names easy to write.

A difficult Chinese name may cause inconvenience in business activities and make it difficult for others to remember.

5. Differentiate your Chinese company name from other Chinese companies.

Similar names can lead customers to confuse your company with someone else’s, this is not conducive to the spread of brand awareness.

6. Avoid common words or phrases.

Common words or phrases can make your company go unnoticed and fail to stand out in front of others. Some specific worcompany nameds or phrases with negative or bad meanings should also be avoided. We recommend you to know some Chinese culture before choosing a Chinese company name.

7. A name is the first impression a company gives to the public.

Therefore, you need to choose a Chinese name that fits your business style.

8. Seek professional advice to get ideas and suggestions before you make a final decision.

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