Our experienced and talented CFOs can provide product/service pricing, budgeting, management reporting and other high-level strategic advisory services.

We are here to improve your communication with your local operation team, increase your competitiveness, and help your business successfully enter and/or grow in China. As a part of our CFO Services, we can offer:
Virtual CFO Solutions
  • Act as your CFO to deal with Chinese regulatory bodies
  • Act as your CFO to manage relationship with bank
  • Act as your CFO to communicate with your local team effectively
  • Act as your CFO to report back to Global Head Office
  • Act as your CFO to provide financial guidance to management
  • Act as your CFO to implement and supervise finance functions
  • Act as your CFO to communicate with your business partners
  • Act as your CFO to deliver financial reports at the board meetings
Financial solutions
  • Capital Raising
  • Accompanying a strategic business plan
  • Complementing an information memorandum, offer information statement or prospectus
  • Business Valuations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Refinancing alternatives
  • Business case development, including project analysis
  • Business Sales Modelling support.
Project solutions
  • Business performance analysis and strategic advice roles, including Independent Expert reporting on business issues and managing strategy days for Directors & Executives
  • Building financial models and business analysis tools
  • Building and implementing annual financial budgets and 3-way budgeting tools that cover cashflows, profit & loss and balance sheets
  • Building and implementing monthly management & financial reports for business owners to understand and improve their businesses
  • Implementing new finance systems, software systems and organizational processes within varied industry sectors
  • Developing & implementing sales team models and incentive systems
  • Developing & implementing organizational systems, structures, cultures and processes for business improvement and growth
  • Supporting the business owner with operational improvements, such as supplier, customer and employee engagement and ongoing management tools for enhanced business performance
Pricing Management Services

An excellent pricing management can efficiently manage your company’s financial risks and drive earnings growth during business operations. Azure Group China help you develop the pricing strategies and capabilities within all aspects of your business.

Azure Group China can assist clients with making the best pricing decision by providing consulting services including:

  • Estimating your cost

Correctly estimating the cost of your product or service is critical to calculating the price because it affects the profit your company is likely to make. When coming into consideration the producing cost of your product and services, you should also consider indirect expenses and tax costing that may generate during your company’s operating.

Azure Group China provide services to help customers analyze their products and sale personas profitability, and coordinate the distribution channels for your products.

  • Setting profit target

When you determine your profit target, you should consider the regional economic situation, your market position, the competitive pressure in the industry, the market positioning of your products and the competitors’, and a series of related contents.

Our team provide services to help you define your company’s market position and to capture the true value of your products or services based on your unique product and corporate culture. We will also provide tailored pricing advice to help your company remain competitive in the industry.

  • Evaluating pricing package

Azure Group China help clients to configure and pricing their product and service portfolio. We also help companies identify their valuable projects and quickly sell or remove inventory from their supply by offering discount suggestion services.

Cash flow, Budget and forecast support

Azure Group China helps you create and implement complete Cash flow, Budget and Forecast solutions. Our aim is to provide our clients with a clear pictures of China operation, help them plan ahead and achieve solid revenue growth.


What our clients say about us?

Extremely knowledgeable

“We use the services of consulting CFO and the Tax Team and I cannot sing their praises highly enough. They go above and beyond, and are extremely knowledgeable in their various fields. At the end of the day it is also about results and they more than deliver on that too and in a very expedient and efficient manner. Highly recommended!”
Extremely knowledgeable
P Group

Strategic direction

“Azure Group have been instrumental with the expansion and setup of our business in London, New York, Sweden and Asia. Michael also acts as our Chairman for our monthly board meetings. He offers a creative approach, strategic direction and challenges our thinking which we are very appreciative for.”
Strategic direction
BM Group

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